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What is The Merton Way?

This is Thomas Merton. He was an agnostic, academic best-selling novelist. Then he became a devoted Trappist monk. That’s the short version of the story.

Brother Merton wrote and taught about living a life of wholeness and balancing one’s work and spirit. This was before “mindfulness” got cool. We’re talking the 1960s.

Famous folks like Bob Dylan and the Dhali Llama visited Merton in his little block cement home on the grounds of the monastery in Gethsemani, Kentucky.

He explored all that Eastern and Western religions shared in common, leading a life of contemplation and solitude. He never had a startup or even a cell phone. Today, people still read his books anyway.

“Some spend their whole lives climbing the ladder of success,” he once said, “only to find the ladder is leaning against the wrong wall.”

May your ladder rest upon a wall to your higher purpose. May no rung be weakened by ambition and “busyness" and instead made strong by vision and self-determination. That’s the Merton Way.

Meet The Founder

Tim Gilbert

Meet Tim

Tim Gilbert, founder of Merton Way, is a father, writer, songwriter, and an average yogi. He holds degrees from University of Wisconsin-Madison, Johns Hopkins and Regis University. He has founded and sold two companies and was named Chief Marketing Officer of the Year by CMO Institute.

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  • Founder of two startups
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