Step 1. Imagineering

We interview you and brainstorm. Using a creative briefing process and a special inventory, we capture your vision and document the big ideas. We also lay the blueprint for the scope of work and technical requirements for your website or e-commerce site.


Step 2. Mood Boards & Mockups

Now, it starts to get funner. You see some initial rough mockups, images, fonts and user experience or interfaces. We've studied competitors and applied UX/UI know-how to arrive at tried-and-true concepts. Depending upon the scope and budget, we have authored your copy, gotten your input, and maybe tested everything on some users or customers, too.


Step 3. Design

Once we have a firm direction, we move into design. The new rules of your brand and interfaces, the copy and other fundamentals get applied to more pages. The process runs a bit like a factory, and you'll be asked to review, comment and approve more and more rapidly so we can stay on schedule and on budget.


Step 4. Development

As the designs are finalized, developers and coders crack their knuckles. They begin harnessing designs into the digital realm of working code. It maybe WordPress, Webflow or raw code, depending upon your preference and what the site demands. E-commerce sites involve other modules, like WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce, payment gateways, and so on.


Step 5. Launch

Well...not really. We're kind of skipping some stuff for brevity's sake. We do test the site first. Bigger projects may call for a pilot or beta stage. There's other housekeeping that takes place, too. But you get the idea. We concept, design, develop, test, then launch your site.


Step 6. Support

All our engagements offer a support stage, minimally 30 days. All our clients take us up on the offer. During this step, we watch the site's performance, tweak any design or copy issues you may find (or change your mind about). Sometimes, we learn something about checkout or how users are behaving and need to alter a flow. This is an important period of time to exchange information with your internal team, too, if they will be taking the helm.

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