The Ask

In a short period of time, Dell EMC has innovated and risen to dominate a segment called, Hyperconverged Infrastructure, or HCI. This fast-growing market enables easier, faster, lower cost management of infrastructures for storage, hosting, streaming, name it.

Merton Way and its strategic partner, Cloud Evolutions, work with Dell EMC to test the performance of its latest, greatest products.

Then, we write about them. What could be cooler than that?

The Work

One recent project included Dell EMC's solutions for Kubernetes and cloud native application development. This entailed reviewing a panolopy of stacks that integrate Dell EMC, VMware, Intel, and other technologies to run on cloud brands, like Microsoft Azure and Google Anthos.

This ambitious study included weeks of interviews and research with senior product managers and thoughtleaders across these major brands.

The Win

One outcome was a 24-page white paper that dove deeply into options for CIOs, who want to know how they might adopt and scale DevOps going cloud native. Merton Way was honored to be a part of Dell EMC's team on its Kubernetes project, alongside folks from Cloud Evolutions, and a host of other incredible HCI and open source brainiacs.

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