The Ask

You are surrounded. Cities with bigger budgets and long-standing travel agent relationships win more tourism. Season after season, their hotels, restaurants, and attractions seem to book more overnights.

You cannot outspend them. To catch up on SEO, backlinks, and organic search deserves attention. But first, your city must look more true to who you are.

In travel and tourism, what works in your favor is your authenticity. Do the stories you tell ring true and win over the kinds of people who will love visiting your destination? 

For 29 Palms, the task at hand for Merton Way was to strip away the fluff and speak plainly to the right visitors.

The Work

Starting with research, three things held true. Most visitors came to see Joshua Tree National Park. Most were Californians looking for a getaway. And the kinds of people who would enjoy the park and 29 Palms sought an economical, down home vibe.

They hiked, camped, and loved RV'ing. They enjoyed a day at the spa, but not the extravagance of 5-star hotels.

By focusing the brand on its roots, Merton Way showed 29 Palms a mirror into the very best of itself. And there is a lot of greatness in and around 29 Palms to unpack.

The Win

First, the current logo looked too much like nearby Palm Springs, which was a destination closer to red carpets and cocktails. This client's city limits sat on the trailheads into Joshua Tree. The nearby Marine Corps base acts as an anchor for traffic and word of mouth. These are folks interested craft beer, not umbrella drinks.

So, in addition to proposing a new website, featuring video footage of the park, the agency surprised the client with a new logo, too. The look and feel evoked the hearts and minds of the targeted tourists. It also reflects the lifestyles, values, and originality of the residents.

When branding simply reveals who you really are, your success lies few steps away.

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