The Ask

The founder of Strip or Dare has unconventional ideas about adult sexuality. Just let people be true to themselves. Help them explore and express who they are in fun, safe, honest ways.

Strip or Dare was born. Merton Way branded, packaged, and brought to market.

The Work

Merton Way co-authored Strip or Dare's spin on "truth or dare." Next came consumer packaging design and copy, photography, and printing. Alongside the game box, the agency also sprung the business out-of-the-box. Launched using, the new brand also found brisk adoption on Etsy.

The Win

Sales of Strip or Dare steadily ramped up helped by rave, 5-star reviews on Google and Etsy. The company skirted Amazon, and instead went directly to specialty retailers that cater to adults. Merton Way formulated its retailer program and counter displays that opened new doors. And minds.

More Work

Case Studies