The Ask

Family-owned for 25 years, Gold Coffee sources beans only from the very best farms in the "Bean Belt." Additionally, the firm is committed to environmental sustainability and social responsibility. Partnered with C.A.F.E. Practices, a comprehensive conservation certification program, Gold Coffee narrows the field of select beans to farms meeting its standards. But Gold Coffee now sought to build its own direct-to-consumer brand.

The Work

The simplicity and speed of Shopify made the most sense as a platform. Its new site serves simple, elegant messages and images. Product pages focus on bestselling bags and single-serve varieties. From Columbia to Ethiopia, this company brings to consumers only the most sought after blends.

The Win

With its site launched on a timeline and budget, Gold Coffee began its foray into consumer ecommerce. Next up? Social media, CRM, and customer support integrations. But first, let's enjoy an espresso from Guatemala!

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