The Ask

Founded by a former Cisco executive, NetLevel had an amazing technology that solves a profound problem. North American theater owners are struggling to remain relevant in the face of streaming at home and video games.

NetLevel is a fiber optic-based solution that delivers just about any kind of entertainment in movie theaters, to broaden the options beyond what Hollywood has to offer.

The Work

The challenge was to position NetLevel on a budget. And to get the point across quickly, so that a theater owner could understand what NetLevel might mean. To talk about fiber optic devices would mean nothing.

So, Merton Way focused on e-sports and how NetLevel can transform any movie theater into a mecca for young adults to gather and play Fortnite or other games en masse.

This is a game-changer for theaters that sit empty about 85% of every week.

The Win

By positioning its brand on the heart of the matter, NetLevel elicited immediate responses from major theater chains and operators. In one instant, the marketing spoke to the pain: how can I fill empty seats the other 5 days of the week?

With NetLevel, the theaters can stream less costly content, like classic films, or host virtual business conferences.

And, yes, massive online gaming events with 100 players can be played at a theater near you!

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