The Ask

Mayven Studios is an innovative, highly organized software development company. Operating out of California, they have teams in India and other countires, working round the clock for A-list clients. The mobile apps, websites and other projects are mind-blowing.

But they're so busy, who is telling their story? The founders asked Merton Way to help with a content strategy to get the word out.

The Work

The list of brands served by Mayven takes the breath away: IBM, Facebook, Airbnb. Then, you see the applications they've built. Nothing short of astounding. Mayven is doing amazing work, so this project was all about interviewing the brilliant minds to capture all that goodness in some case studies.

The Win

With a general framework in mind for the case studies, the interview process yielded the right kinds of details about the projects and outcomes. Readers may care about programming languages, but they'd care even more to know that Mayven could deliver major wins with minimal direction.

Too often, however, other outsourcing companies like Mayven, get preoccupied with their bragging rights to how many full-stack developers they have on staff. Body counts of coders are just table steaks.

The real question is, "Can you build the UI for our launch of IBM Watson in 30 days?" That's the sizzle!

More Work

Case Studies