The Ask

FuseDesk is a SaaS helpdesk system that has served SMBs since Jeremy Shapiro began the company a few years ago. The suite has grown into a powerful, scalable systetm capable of serving support centers handling thousands of cases. It was time for FuseDesk to break out. But well-heeled competitors presented a formidable front. What made FuseDesk so different?

The Work

Merton Way held a Legacy Branding session with FuseDesk and a cross-functional team, including execs, developers, sales and support. Research delved into top competitors, mapping their brand stories, looking for gaps and opportunities. Most importantly, Merton Way talked to customers to glean what the brand meant to them.

The essence of FuseDesk emerged as a kinder, gentler, more personable brand.

The Win

Using helpdesk as a verb was a quirky first step: "Discover a new way to helpdesk." Merton Way also brought the brand forward with flat design featuring diversity. This spoke to the customer base, who defied any kind of demographic segmentation. And who loved customers and inclusion.

Snappy copy and quick, simple journeys made the home page a fast, compelling case for a free trial of the helpdesk. Soon, FuseDesk saw its free trials soar as visitors responded to a more accessible, personal brand.

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