The Ask

What makes Unifyed so special is that it entered the enterprise software market using the mobile phone. Yes, Unifyed is a Platform as a Service. And by introducing a suite of "applets," it won hearts and minds on the digital campus. This strategy could open doors to the brass ring of becoming the 'system of record' for major universities.

The Work

Unifyed engaged Merton Way to get deep into strategy, visiting with its development teams in New Delhi and riding along on sales calls to major institutions across the U.S.

The goal was to figure out the right positioning for the technology and how to best enter the North American market. Merton Way would create not only its identity, website and traditional marketing communications. It would provide insights to guide product management, bundling and go-to-market.

The Win

Together, a strategy was formed to create something similar to WordPress. Imagine universities buying "themes," but also contributing their own applications to Unifyed's community? The company would ensure these incoming apps were sound, conformed to certain standards and had proper PLCs.

Meanwhile, Unifyed also formulated a roadmap for an even more ambitious future. And we'll have to let time, or Unifyed, tell you the rest of the story...

More Work

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