The Ask

The new CEO at Techtonic was charged with re-charging this venture-backed, women-led tech company. Challenges included how to augment the sales team, rank page one on Google, and implement a new strategy and pipeline process. Merton Way engaged monthly, bringing an interim CMO, fractional sales director, plus web development, SEO, SEM, and other marketing and sales vitals.

The Work

Within 90 days, Techtonic had a new website. Its pages popped up on page one in Google searches for keywords and keyword strings. Sales had a funnel process, backed by a corporate brochure and explainer video. Merton Way also implemented a new martech stack, top-down, including Salesforce, ActiveCampaign, and other mission-critical apps.

The Win

Within 120 days, Techtonic had more than 437 marketing qualified leads (MQL). Sales was introducing the CEO for mid- to late-stage closing sales calls. Public relations drove traffic on the news of Techtonic's new accreditation in software engineering, plus other low-hanging fruit. In late 2021, Techtonic was successfully acquired by Bitwise Industries.

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