The Ask

Ecommerce is going headless. Headless means you want a platform that is modular
and open to integrations. Shopizer is the greatest story never told in ecommerce.

Born of one developer's passion for open source and ecommerce systems, this brand is both.

Merton Way's task? Differentiate a brand built by developers for developers. Show and tell how bold and leading edge Shopizer truly is.

The Work

Preserving the essence of the original logo, Merton Way re-cast the overall spirit of Shopizer to appeal to ecomm developers. These are very special specialists: smart, quirky, savvy to both business and design.

The new brand guidelines get fully expressed in the website. Built with Webflow, speaks to developers on their terms in a design realm that mashes Lichtentstein art with everyday people doing the impossible...Building headless ecommerce applications in a fast-moving industry.

The Win

The new brand and website increased downloads from Github within days of re-launching. The agency's site came pre-loaded with search engine optimization: copy was based on keywords, and images, tags, and page descriptions were good to go on Day 1.

How did the agency move the cheese from bland to bold? Because its client, Shopizer, dared to re-define itself and focus on the personas of its customers. Buzz is everything in this niche. The client's openness will ensure its relevancy to ecommerce's leading-edge development community.

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