The Ask

iVideosongs had hundreds of great guitar lessons. But it wanted a way to expand the brand and grow revenues in new ways. With 86,000 YouTube followers and so much online education for free, some groupies at Merton Way had ideas in store.

The Work

The vast majority of guitar players are self-taught. But publishers still churn out thick books full of theory. How could iVideosongs expand its "keep it simple" online videos into the publishing realm?

The big idea was simple cheatsheets and posters. Break down all that theory into digestible chunks, and add short URLs that referred learners to the videos. Now, new and intermediate players can learn one new thing at a time. Then, re-direct the learner to go further with iVideosongs' free online lessons.

Now, musicians can benefit from visuals at-hand and online. And iVideosongs creates some e-commerce revenues that boost its YouTube ad dollars, too.

The Win

Merton Way created a line-up of posters, cheatsheets and books. Launched for sale on Amazon FBA, Merton Way manages iVideosongs' Amazon Seller account. Tuning its Average Cost of Sale, adding the best search words and maximizing every listing's copy and images, Merton Way has seen its client's business rapidly grow from nothing to 6-figures in less than a year.

And its YouTube subscribers grew to more than 100,000 within a few months of the launch.

Rock on!

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