The Ask

Facing larger, well-entrenched competitors, Orbund sought new thinking. Beyond pretty pictures, how could marketing help this newer SaaS student information system get more attention in U.S. higher education? Merton Way's job included more than websites and white papers. The CEO wanted a partner who brainstormed and took risks that paid off.

The Work

Merton Way helped Orbund on multiple fronts from strategy and product management to email campaigns and webinars.

The company developed a formalized, force-ranked list of use cases that institutions more likely to implement Orbund would likely want from its systems. Sales processes and pitches were attuned to this roadmap. Marketing and messages fell into place.

Meanwhile, Orbund innovated the first-ever integration with Amazon's Alexa, creating a voice-activated student information system.

The Win

Beyond a new website, case studies and other marketing, the two worked side by side on product gap analysis, RFPs, sales training and strategies core to the company's future. The launch of its integration with Amazon's Alexa marked one crowning moment. And it caught the attention Orbund had been looking for.

More Work

Case Studies