The Ask

OneFocus is business process management software. Or is it? This platform also tracks and pings you when steps are being missed in quality control...or property management...or IT customer support. It is an incredibly flexible system that's ideal for small to medium businesses wanting greater accountability in the field or in the shop.

The challenge? When they approached Merton Way, there was no brand, no website and no central message or position.

Sound familiar?

The Work

Startups are exciting. You're at once thrilled and afraid to pin down your brand and go-to-market strategy. But you know you can't remain all things to all people forever. There's some fear of commitment to any one market or message.

Merton Way worked with the founder and his team to develop a look-and-feel and a "starter kit," so that sales had some basics. A website. Some talking points. And a few key graphics, so prospects could wrap their heads around the vast capabilities of the software.

The Win

In less than one month from the first phone call, Merton Way positioned the brand and created some working standards. The copy platform provided sales key talking points. And a website was developed and launched.

Soon after, fun stuff, like business cards, letterhead and other essentials, helped the company feel like it was truly in business.

Then, as deals came in the door that reflected the new focus, a confidence in being as focused as this software promises felt fantastic.

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