The Ask

Accountants today go above and beyond number-crunching. They get asked to provide guidance across an entire business. Clients assume their accountants know a lot about a lot.

To stay on top, accountants and CPA professionals need to earn ongoing credits to retain their credentials. As a new brand with a new idea, EvolveNow sought to disrupt continuing education while providing financial experts truly expert learning on a myriad of topics. To make that happen, Merton Way's client needed a brand name, brand guidelines, and an e-learning platform.

The Work

EvolveNow's big idea? Videos of real industry experts explaining how real clients get the help they need. Beyond taxes and GAAP, clients ask about IT security, management trends, and human resources. Founded by a group of CPAs, Merton Way provided consulting, creative, and web development. The business needed strategies on monetization and SaaS-style subscriptions, too.

Merton Way mapped the newco's technology stack from web to learning management systems (LMS) through admissions and accreditation. Then, the Denver marketing agency produced its logo, integrated ecommerce site, and processes for capturing and serving new students.

The Win

EvolveNow launched with over 100 video-based courses. The system empowers learners to register, verify identity, and begin taking classes on demand. As they progress, the LMS tracks progress and scores, so credits can accrue as milestone are satisfied.

Together, EvolveNow and Merton Way turned a concept into a real business model.

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